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Participative Murder Mystery Games for up to 200 guests.

Want to play host to a murder? Looking for a different way to entertain? Then why not take on the role of the butler, the dotty aunt or even the police inspector as murder, mystery and mayhem unravel around you. Find yourself double dealing and trying to protect your own dark past while at the same time gleaning the information that will enable you to solve the crime. Your guests will never forget what happens to them… provided they live to tell the tale.

You can now download all games directly from this web site. We offer you 7 deadly plots delivered totally automatically to your printer.


We write our own murder mystery games, and have been running them ourselves since 1989, for some of the world’s largest corporations. When the Internet came of age, we were able to bring murder, mystery and suspense into your own living rooms, at a price that won’t break the bank. Spend the rest on the best wines, the best food, or on costuming your guests as you participate in a sophisticated yet enjoyable game of dual identities and unparalleled scheming.

Our games are not available in the shops. You download each entire game from the Internet. You will need to buy the password for the game and we ask that you do not use the game for financial gain in any way, shape or form (see our terms for exceptions). To put one of our murder mysteries together, you will need paper, envelopes, paperclips, a pen, scissors or a guillotine and access to a photocopier (to save time and ink).

We also have a free online game.

Commercial Events
We no longer directly run murder mysteries commercially ourselves but our sister company Murder Mystery and Mayhem  may be able to put one on for your company or organisation or as a private party. We also allow other venues and companies to use our games under a specific commercial licence. Have a look at our commercial page for more information.

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Note on copyright:
These murder mystery games are the copyright of Murder Mystery Games  (info at They may not be run for profit by commercial organisations, except by special agreement. Legal action will be taken against any copyright infringements. A reward will be paid for help in preventing any such infringements occurring.

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