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Free online murder mystery game – Suspicion of Murder

Not enough friends to play our murder mystery games over a dinner party? Thought this site would be selling an online game? No problem – Play an online game for free, no logon, no nothing!

Murder Mystery Games are proud to feature “Suspicion of Murder”, created by Thomas Holtz and his team. The game is completely free to play online and as such you will find that the there are adverts. Murder Mystery Games LTD hope that you enjoy the game, but will not answer any questions about the game and do not claim copyright, credit or liability in any form. The game is integrated into this site with the permission of Thomas Holtz, the writer and Murder Mystery Games ltd have no control over the game itself.

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I understand that Murder Mystery Games has no control over the content of
“suspicion of Murder” (but rates it as suitable for ages 12+) and wish to play