About Us

We started off as the event company Murder Mystery and Mayhem in 1989, running murder mysteries for a huge variety of businesses and organisations. Aware that the internet was making it much easier for people to run our games without us, we set up Murder Mystery Games in the year 2000. We were one of the first companies to make downloadable whodunits available online. 

Since then, thousands of people have bought them. Murder Mystery and Mayhem is still very successful, running corporate events and private parties throughout London, the rest of the UK and abroad. It remains our sister company. Should you want a professional actor to run one of our games for you or an event organiser who’ll manage everything (including getting the game ready), please email Mayhem at info[@ here]mayhem.org.uk.

Credit for starting everything we still do must go to web pioneer Dixon Jones. His vision and insight made it all possible. Thanks, Dixon!

Although entirely web-based, the company is still run by humans. Chief among them is David Shannon who has been involved in adapting and/or writing all the games we sell. His chief claim to fame is that he used to be “Bloke Correspondent” for British Cosmopolitan, writing pieces informing its female readers what men thought about various things. Infidelity. Their underpants. Female anatomy. It was quite a wide remit.

Our company address is in Ruislip, London, UK and you can contact us here. We do like hearing from people so do get in touch if you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions. Preferably about murder mysteries, not underpants.

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