The Final Curtain

The Final Curtain - A Downloadable Whodunit Mystery Game About A Murder in a Theatre

A Murder Mystery Game For Seven to Twenty People

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A Downloadable Murder Mystery Game for Seven to Twenty People


It’s 1926 and a local theatre company prepares for the evening performance of its latest play. The scene is set. For murder.

In the Littledean Theatre Company, crime and murder most foul is a regular occurrence – but only onstage. During a performance of one of its plays, the leading actor collapses to the floor, dead. No surprise there, then. Except that, on this occasion, his death is no performance.

Everyone taking part in our murder mystery plays a character who is connected with the theatre company in some way. You may be a star, an understudy, a has-been, a wannabe or the person who tears the tickets. As well as having a murder to investigate, there will be other, highly satisfying objectives for you to pursue. You’ll end up talking to all the other characters in the room, using any information we give you to wheel and deal with them, banter with them and find out what they know.

On the day, everyone has a name badge with their character name on it and extra information that only their character may know. And one of you will be the murderer!

The characters are written in such a way that even those who normally regard themselves as shy will still have a great time. And those who aren’t shy will discover whole new ways of showing this! The “performance” lasts about three hours and is usually run over a meal. Fancy dress isn’t by any means essential – although if you want to get out those silk dressing gowns and feather boas, we won’t stop you! 

When is this whodunit set?

In 1926. Please go to our Murder Mystery Costume Guide for help and fashion suggestions.

Age Rating/Content Rating

The characters in this plot don’t always have the highest moral standards. Lying, cheating, disloyalty, betrayal: they’ve done it all. However, we don’t believe most people playing this game will be offended by its content. We believe this plot is suitable for anyone aged 12 or older.

Hire an actor

If you’d like a professional actor to run your game for you, please look at Option 2 on Downloadable Murder Mysteries with a Professional Actor. If you’d like a professional events company to put together the whole party for you, please look at Option 3, We Do Everything For You, on the same page. 

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