The Last Gasp

The Last Gasp - A Victorian Murder Mystery Game About a Wicked Earl

A Game for Fourteen to Forty People

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Downloadable Murder Mystery Game for Fourteen to Forty People


The past catches up with a dissolute Earl in this Gothic Murder Mystery. How will he pay for past misdeeds?

This is a plot Sir Arthur Conan Doyle might have written. George Sweet, the 5th Earl of Coddingham, has led a wicked life. Eager to keep out of reach of the law, he is planning to flee abroad. Before he goes, he holds one final party: “The Last Gasp”. Invited to it are all the people to whom his appalling behaviour has brought the most grief and heartache: his ex-wives, Florence and Dawn, his present wife, Jojo, his ballet dancer son, William, and his long-suffering friend, Bernard. George is determined to use his party to make up for past mistakes.

People from the Earl’s local village and members of his staff are also at “The Last Gasp”. The local vicar is recruiting new members for the church choir. Cavalry officer Captain Ratliffe is breaking a few more women’s hearts. Jarvis, the Earl’s loyal butler, is making sure no one steals the sherry. The Earl’s plans go slightly awry, however, when the police unexpectedly turn up, hoping to arrest someone for murder. Who do they want to arrest? The Earl of Coddingham....

“The Last Gasp” is a Victorian murder mystery which usually takes place over a meal but can also be run without food. Ideal for anyone who likes intrigue, infamy, stiff drinks and stiff collars.

When is this whodunit set?

In 1899. Please go to our Murder Mystery Costume Guidefor help and fashion suggestions.

Age Rating/Content Rating

Although some of the characters in this plot misbehave badly in various ways, we don’t believe they get up to anything most people would take serious exception to. Infidelity, blackmail, deceit: where would any murder mystery be without them? We believe this plot is suitable for anyone aged 12 or older.

Hire an actor

If you’d like a professional actor to run your game for you, please look at Option 2 on Downloadable Murder Mysteries with a Professional Actor. If you’d like a professional events company to put together the whole party for you, please look at Option 3, We Do Everything For You, on the same page. 

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