FAQs about our Murder Mystery Games


Which games does Murder Mystery Games sell?

We sell 8 downloadable games. Some are modern day, some period, some can be set in different eras (e.g. Victorian, Edwardian, Twenties, Thirties, Forties, etc.). We have descriptions of each game on this site and free, downloadable introductions to them.

What happens after I’ve bought a game?

We email you a password and instructions on what to do next. After downloading your game, you print it out and put it together, following the step-by-step guide it contains. Our What To Do Before Your Event page has more on this.  

What do I get for my money?

Each of our games has plenty of content. Plenty of character detail. Plenty for everyone to do. But how much they join in is always their choice. Your game will usually include invitations, character guest lists, background plot information, notes on how to prepare and run your murder mystery party, character information for each guest/character, clues and evidence relating to the plot, “money” characters can use to buy information or get themselves out of trouble and paper versions of some key items. And, of course, the solution!

You don’t have to read all of this yourself. In fact, we recommend you don’t. The less you know about what each character has been getting up to, the more fun you will have finding out on the night.

I’m organising and running the event. Will I still get a character to play?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Each plot has a character in it meant specifically for the person running the game. Playing this character allows you to take care of all your party-giving duties while still getting involved in the action.

Will I know who the murderer is before the event?

Not unless you want to. Finding out whodunit is easy to avoid. We explain how in the step-by-step guide which comes with your game.

Does it matter if I don’t yet know exactly how many people are coming to the party?

Not really. We provide you with a table which shows which characters to use and who you can leave out. You can usually add characters to the plot or take characters out of it, if your numbers change. Ideally, your final numbers will be within the minimum/maximum recommended for the game. For example, if you buy a game for 14-40 guests and numbers drop to 10 or go up to 50, this will present a challenge. The best way round it is either to have people play two characters (if too few guests) or share a character (if too many). But choosing a minimum/maximum range you know your guests will fit into works much, much better.

Some of my friends are shy. Will they still enjoy themselves?

We have been running live murder mystery events for years c/o our sister company Murder Mystery and Mayhem. We know how to write characters which anyone can enjoy playing whether they are wild extroverts or quiet introverts – or anywhere in between. The secret is in giving people fun things to do as their characters but leaving it to them to decide how much or little they want to “play”. We have also learned that our games are a great way of bringing people out of their shells. The quiet ones often are the ones to watch!

Can you run our murder mystery for us?

Two main options here. You can hire one of our actors to run a game you’ve put together yourselves (see Option 2 of these Best Value Murder Mystery Options). Or you can contact our sister company Murder Mystery and Mayhem and ask them to arrange everything for you: putting the game together, hiring the actors, sorting out a venue and running it for you on the night.  

Can I buy a boxed game?

There is no “boxed game” version of our games. We’ve played and enjoyed other “boxed game” mysteries but, in our experience, they tend to be much thinner than ours in content. Lots of feeble puns, a vague attempt at a “solution” but not much real story or character detail. Our games have too much in them to fit in a box. We don’t do “boxed”. We do “downloaded”.

I’m having problems downloading a game. Help!

Oh dear. It can happen but there is nearly always a simple fix. First, go to our Troubleshooting page. If you’ve tried everything we suggest there – everything – then contact us, tell us what the problem is and we’ll do our very best to sort it for you.

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