Troubleshooting Our Murder Mystery Games

I am sorry if you are having problems downloading and reading the files. Most problems are easy to fix. Hopefully, you’ll find your question answered here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

A lot of problems are to do with not having an up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. So please make sure you do. If it’s not on your machine, please install it from or wherever you can get a trusted, safe version in your region. It’s free but if you see a ticked box offering you McAfee Security Scan Plus, untick it – you shouldn’t need it and it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

If you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please make sure you have the latest version installed. Again, untick McAfee Security Scan Plus before installing your Adobe software

Downloading problems (especially AOL users)

If you are experiencing problems downloading the games, the first thing to do is to refresh the page by pressing F5 or Control + F5 and try again. Still not working? Then try this:

  1. Refresh the page again (F5 or Control + F5).
  2. RIGHT CLICK on the download file (or on a Mac Click.)
  3. Select "Save As" or "Save to Disk" or similar. Choose a location that you will remember, such as you desktop.
  4. Open the PDF file from your hard drive using your password.

I  bought the game, but the main game does not download

The main game is in EXACTLY the same format as the introduction, so if you can download the free intro you should be able to download the game. Our games are all in the form of password-protected PDF files. They work on all modern operating systems

The main game can be more than 100 pages, compared to 6 or so in the initial introduction. Downloading can take some time. Please be patient!

Internet connections are notoriously unpredictable. If your connection is interrupted, you may lose your download. If this happens, wait till you are reconnected and try the download again. Also, if too many people are trying to download our games at the same time, this can cause a jam on our server. This happens very rarely but, as with all jams, the best way of dealing with it is to try again later when the “traffic” has reduced.

The password does not work

If your password arrived by an automated Email, then it SHOULD be correct. Please note that the password is CASE SENSITIVE.

If you ordered the game some time ago, your password may no longer be valid. This is for security reasons and to protect our copyright. Without a Commercial Licence, our games are for one use only. You can’t keep playing them with different groups of people. Sorry… you are supposed to buy the game again in this event. 

Some parts of the game are missing

They are most likely to be in the free introduction download for each game, all available on this page. If you still can't find something, return to the download location received in your sales confirmation email to download anything you have missed.

I cannot edit the game or make it a Word document

No, you cannot – and even if you typed everything out, word for word, the answer is still No, you cannot. The copyright of the games belongs to us and is legally enforced by us. We wrote the games how we want them to be. They are ours! 

I have ordered – where is the password?

If you bought online, the password SHOULD arrive very quickly. Possible reasons for a delay are:

  • The password has been sent but is in an email in your Junk folder. Over-sensitivie spam checkers sometimes do this to our emails (and to those of many other legitimate businesses). The worst offender for this is Hotmail.
  • Your payment hasn’t been accepted. Check that you entered the right card details when ordering and that the payment has definitely gone through.
  • Your internet connection has been interrupted (if it has, check with your internet provider how long it’ll take to fix).
  • Our server is down. This doesn’t happen often but technical issues can affect it. It shouldn’t be down for long.

Can you just put the game in the post to me?

No, sorry. The purpose of this site is to be automated and online.


I still need help!

Then email us at mmgames[add @ here], tell us what the problem is and we’ll do our best to sort it out for you.

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