The Reading of the Will

The Reading of The Will - A Downloadable, traditional Murder Mystery Game for Six to Eight People

A Murder Mystery Game For 6-8 People

Click here for a free, downloadable introduction to this game with a list of all the character parts.

Print off the two parts of the full game - Part 1 and Part 2 - of the full game when you have the password.

Downloadable Murder Mystery Game for Six to Eight people


The Duke of Felthorpe seems to have been murdered in his bath. But how? The room is locked from the inside.

The Reading of the Will is a ‘sealed room’ murder mystery. After the Duke of Felthorpe dies in his bathroom, no one can gain entry except by breaking the door down. So how did his killer get in there? It looks impossible.

Everyone taking part in this crime game plays a character who works for or is related to the Duke. All of them are here for the reading of his Last Will and Testament. The contents of the Will are a big surprise. So many last-minute changes. Was he being blackmailed? Was he mad? Should this Will be thrown out and replaced with an earlier one?

The murder mystery usually takes place during a meal but can be run without one. Fresh clues are introduced as the plot gradually unravels and more evidence emerges. One character is the duke’s butler. So, did the usual happen? Did the butler do it? Or was it the Duke’s maid? The Duke’s idiot son, perhaps? His son’s scheming wife?

Before all is revealed, everyone gets the chance to say who they think the guilty party is. By the time the truth is out, everyone will have had great fun playing their parts, working out whodunit and trying to prevent other people from accusing them.

When is this whodunit set?

The Reading of the Will is set in the modern day but has a very “period feel” to it. You can, if you prefer, set it in a previous era: the Thirties, Forties, Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Nineties, Noughties. You will need to add the era you’ve chosen to the invitations and do a small amount of explaining on the night. But there is nothing to stop you going back in time, if you want to. 

Please go to our Murder Mystery Costume Guide for help and fashion suggestions.

Hire an actor

If you’d like a professional actor to run your game for you, please look at Option 2 on Downloadable Murder Mysteries with a Professional Actor. If you’d like a professional events company to put together the whole party for you, please look at Option 3, We Do Everything For You, on the same page.

Age Rating/Content Rating

Although some of the characters behave badly, we don’t believe the plot contains anything that would cause offence to most people. But, because those under the age of 14 may have trouble understanding some things mentioned in it, we recommend it as suitable for those aged 14 and above.

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