Farthingay Manor

Farthingay Manor - A downloadable 1920s Murder Mystery

A Murder Mystery Game For 6 People

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Print off the two parts of the full game - Part 1 and Part 2 - of the full game when you have the password .

A Downloadable Murder Mystery Game for Six People


A country house murder set in 1924.  Guests have been invited for the weekend by a mysterious host, Lord Farthingay.

“Farthingay Manor” is a murder mystery for 6 people, all of whom are given a character in the plot. They have been invited to attend a country house weekend in England in August, 1924. They do not know their host, Lord Farthingay. They do not know each other. So why were they invited? As the plot unfolds, they gradually find out. The murder mystery is usually run over a meal, but if you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can run it in short bursts over a whole weekend. The characters include a vicar, a nun, a countess and a butler. All, of course, have dark secrets to hide. But who is the murderer? How is the King of Ruritania involved? And how many characters survive till the end?

This enjoyable and absorbing crime-solving game is perfect for all those who love Downton Abbey, Gosford Park and other English country house classics.

When is this whodunit set?

In 1924. Please go to our Murder Mystery Costume Guide for help and fashion suggestions.

Hire an actor

If you’d like a professional actor to run your game for you, please look at Option 2 on Downloadable Murder Mysteries with a Professional Actor. If you’d like a professional events company to put together the whole party for you, please look at Option 3, We Do Everything For You, on the same page.

Age Rating/Content Rating

As with all murder mystery plots, the characters in Farthingay Manor have been up to no good. Despite this, we don’t believe they do anything that most people would find offensive. After all, murders don’t happen over nothing. But anyone under the age of 14 may have trouble understanding some of what is referred to. We therefore recommend it as suitable for those aged 14 and above.

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