The Auction

The Auction - A Downloadable Murder Mystery Game Featuring A Live Auction

A Murder Mystery Game For 12-40 People

Click here for a free, downloadable introduction to this game with a list of all the character parts.

Print off the full game when you have the password. Click here for the version with drug references or here for the version without drug references (see Age Rating/Content Rating, below).

Downloadable Murder Mystery Game for Twelve to Forty People


The “unfortunate” death of Baroness Audry von Munchen has led to the auction of her archaeological treasures.

At “The Auction” you get to play a character in a fascinating mystery filled with double-dealing, bribery, blackmail and intrigue. You won’t just be watching, you will be completely involved in the action – as a lord, perhaps. A lady. An antiques dealer. A butler. Even a spy…

No one is quite what they seem. Finding out what other characters know and what they’ve really been up to is all part of the challenge. Dirty deeds, surprises, clues and possible solutions abound.

Towards the end, the auction of the fabulous von Munchen relics takes place. Treasures are won and lost in a flurry of bidding. Then everyone has a chance to make their accusations before the inspector reveals all.

When is this whodunit set?

You can choose. The Auction is set in the present day but you can change this without too much trouble. You may prefer it to take place in a different period – e.g. the Thirties, Forties, Fifties or Sixties.  If so, tell everyone at your party which period you’ve chosen and ask them to ignore the handful of contemporary references in it.

Please go to our Murder Mystery Costume Guide for help and fashion suggestions.

Age Rating/Content Rating

We have two versions of this game. When you buy the game, both versions are available as downloadable PDFs. One version involves references to drug-taking which may make it unsuitable for younger people (and some adults!). We recommend this version to those aged 16 or more who won’t be offended by such references. In the other version, the drug references have been taken out and replaced. We reckon this drug-free version is suitable for those aged 12 or more.

Hire an actor

If you’d like a professional actor to run your game for you, please look at Option 2 on Downloadable Murder Mysteries with a Professional Actor. If you’d like a professional events company to put together the whole party for you, please look at Option 3, We Do Everything For You, on the same page. 

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