Partners and affiliates

Become an affiliate and you will receive a 20% commission on all sales that you generate.

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Click here to sign up.  (By signing up you confirm that you have read and accepted our Affiliates Terms and Conditions).

How does it work?

We provide you with a login and password for your own affiliate admin area.

From there, you can get special links through to our site. Anyone clicking through from your site to ours is given a cookie which identifies the visitor as referred by you. If that visitor goes on to buy a game from us any time in the next 12 months, you get commission for the sale.

It’s as simple as that!

You can’t lose!

Once you have signed up, please allow a few days to us to review and approve your account. From this point, you can start earning commission immediately!

How much will 20% commission be?

Currently you will earn £4.00-£10.00 (about US$ 9.00 to US$15) for most games sold. We will pay you by Paypal.

Does it cost anything to join?

No. We used to charge but now it is free, even though there is a fair bit of work to do on our part. However, you MUST agree to the terms and conditions.

How do I check my commission is correct?

We will keep you all informed of your success via the web. You will be able to see how you fit in to the referral program and also how big the “best of the rest” is (although the identity of our agents will not appear on the web). Our books are open to any affiliate’s auditors who wish to visit, by prior and mutually suitable arrangement.

Do I get a commission for recommending your affiliates scheme to other people?

No. We do not want 100,000 useless affiliates. We just want to sell our game honestly and ethically. We would much rather have a few dozen good affiliates who actually believe in the games. This way we can support you better and retain a reasonable niche in the world.

How are other web sites marketing the games?

See how Steve Hatherley’s Great Murder Mystery Games markets our Cudham Riding Club game. He does a great job both in making our games more widely available to people and in spreading the word about how enjoyable participating in these games can be.

How do I join?

Well, we hoped you would ask that. You can click here.
By signing up you confirm that you have read and accepted our Affiliates Terms and Conditions.

Existing affiliates login here.