Testimonials for Our Murder Mystery Games

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Of our 14 guests, only myself and my husband had ever taken part in a murder mystery party before. The other 12 spent a lot and time and effort on
researching their costumes and era and The Final Curtain took place early in
the new year. There has never been so much over acting from a bunch of
‘luvvies’ before and everyone enjoyed every minute. At the end of the evening, the list of nominated murderers consisted of 10 (everyone played their parts so well!).

Thank you for such a comprehensive game. It was a pleasure to organise!
— J.B, UK
We organised this one at very short notice (two days) so it was a “little leap of faith” that we purchased your game…and we’re so glad we did! A great night was had by all and it made my girlfriend’s 30th so much more memorable than just “drink and nibbles” at home or a night down the pub!

The costumes people came up with were funnier because they had to improvise at short notice (normally using everyday household items and other people’s clothing!!! Everybody entered into the spirit of the game with great characterisati0n and I can’t remember a party where everybody spoke to everybody for so long!!! We kept the game to two hours – we served dips to start, a small buffet for main and a chocolate fondue after the game for dessert. Some people were so intop the game they forgot too eat!!!

Thanks again for a great night…another will be planned in the future!
— N & R, UK
Just wanted to thank you for last week. It was an excellent evening and your help and input was absolutely fantastic. Both my wife and I have now fond memories of the event. Thank you again.” Felipe, UK
— Felipe, UK
I ordered ‘The Auction’ to run as a birthday event to celebrate my wife’s 50th. The evening, which was run in our home around a finger buffet, was an outstanding event. As with any group of people – we had 35 guests,- there are bound to be one or two who throw themselves whole heartedly into character, and the others follow. They may have started off in a reserved fashion but when the ‘principles’ started to perform they joined in giving real depth to the character they were cast as. We had one correct accusation and one very rich drug dealer at the end.

All agreed the event was different from the normal ‘birthday party’ and that there were some very clever, if not also very devious, individuals who put the event together. The evening was a new experience for all of us and provided a social and entertaining vehicle allowing our friends from varied and different spheres to meet and enjoy themselves. Thank you.
— J.A, UK
People have been calling all day to say how much they enjoyed themselves.
— Rachel, UK
I will certainly be recommending you to friends thinking of doing such an event in the future.
— Mark, UK
We played Farthingay Manor last Saturday with a cast that ranged in age from their early 20′s to their early 80′s. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game, and it was amazing how well each got into character. The twists and surprises along the way kept things going nicely. If I were to do it over again, the only thing I would change would be to leave dinner until after, so everyone could concentrate on the game! Who needs food when you’re having a good time?
— T.M, Canada