Hire An Actor

Our games are designed for you to buy and run yourself. But sometimes it's good to have help. If you live in or close to London, we can send one or two of our professional actors to run your game for you. If you live further away, we still might - but it will cost more!

Our highly-skilled actors know how to make our whodunits work best for all kinds of groups. Hiring them will mean you won't have to worry about what to give out when, what should come next or where any important evidence is. We will take care of all this for you. And leave you to play the game along with your guests and concentrate on what matters most. Having fun!

With our downloadable murder mysteries, we have three main options. Option 1 is where you buy the game from us, download it and run it yourselves. With Option 2, you buy it and put it together then hire one or more of our actors to come along and run it. Because our actors are all based in or near London, this option is best suited to events happening within this area, too. With Option 3, we don't just send out our actors to run your game, we put it together for you, too. This is our priciest option but also the one where you end up with least to do.

You can find out more about these options on this Murder Mysteries For Those On A Budget page. It's on our sister site Murder Mystery and Mayhem. But do come back to this site to order and download your game.

So, how much does it cost to hire a professional actor from us? Or, even better, two actors? Because this option is mainly aimed at private parties and charity events, we're talking low hundreds for Option 2 and about double that for Option 3. The extra distance and extra travel time to reach venues further away from London means we have to charge more for them. For more information about Options 2 or 3, please contact us c/o Murder Mystery and Mayhem here.

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