Requesting Refunds for our Murder Mystery Games

We are very sorry if – for whatever reason – you want to request a refund from us. We will do our best to help, but this page is an important precursor that you must read.

We want our customers to be delighted. We do not wish to keep any money from clients. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the transaction, you are unable to “return” our password. When you purchased the game password from Murder Mystery Games, you agreed not to disclose or transfer the password to a third party.

We need you to agree that you will:

  • Destroy all copies of the password
  • Continue to agree to be bound by your obligations of purchase
  • Understand that if the password is found to be compromised by yourself, you will be legally liable for this

You are already bound by these as a condition of sale and we hope you do not find the ongoing conditions in any way a problem. Although we regularly change the passwords, our games have occasionally been sold by other parties and hotels have sometimes tried to run them for profit without the appropriate licence. We are keen to protect ourselves against this likelihood and this step is solely to protect our core business.

How to request a refund

The simplest way to do so is via the online payment system you used to purchase the game. This should have a Refund option in place which will then notify us of your intentions. Providing you have reasonable grounds for claiming a Refund, we will make sure you receive it. Your confidence and trust in our company is important to us.

Alternatively, if you have made your purchase in some other way or are seeking more information before deciding on whether to ask for a refund, please email us at mmgames{add@here] In your email please let us know:

  • The month you purchased the game
  • The game you purchased
  • The order ID for the sale (in your conformation email)
  • Anything else which will help us assess your case

Important Note

If you receive a Refund from us, we still require you to honour the condition of sale set out above. If your request for a Refund is turned down for any reason, please also note our other terms and conditions. For instance, the sale is for one use only, the game must not be used for commercial gain unless you’ve bought a commercial licence from us and your access to the complete game will only be available for 12-months after the purchase date.