Murder Mystery Games Costume Guide

Murder mysteries offer plenty of scope for people to get dressed up and become someone else for a while. Most of us know from our childhoods what fun this can be. But as sensible grown-ups, the chance to do so rarely comes to us. Our whodunit games make this possible for everyone.

Being in costume is a great way to get everyone talking. It makes for some memorable photographs. And it encourages people to let go more and join in. Our advice is to encourage people to do so - but never insist on it!

Our downloadable plots cover a wide range of eras from the Victorian to the modern day. Some take place in a particular year (1926 for The Final Curtain). Others (Cudham Riding Club, The Auction) allow you to decide when you want them to be set.

In most of our plots, everyone has their own character to play. This means that, even if your game is set in the here and now, people will still have the chance to wear something different to what they usually wear. And sourcing this needn’t break the bank. Charity shops, second-hand clothes shops, fancy dress shops, local theatre companies – all can provide a good source for otherwise unobtainable items. If you can’t get hold of a full costume, just bringing a couple of well-chosen props can make a big impact, too.

Our guide leads you through what you might like to think about, when dressing for different eras. And some other websites you might like to visit when assembling a particular “look”. It isn’t comprehensive. But if you have any suggestions to add, we’d love to hear from you c/o mmgames[add @ here]

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

The Guide is in different sections matching different eras. They are:

Video Resources for Murder Mystery Games Costumes
This site has a "100 Years of Fashion" section packed with truly outstanding videos. We defy you not to enjoy them. Try these two for starters:

100 Seconds of Fashion Through the Ages
A truly amazing video, dance and fashion through the ages.

100 Years of Beauty in One Minute
Make-up and hairstyles over the last hundred years.

Useful Links for Murder Mystery Games Costumes

The Vintage Fashion Guild
Provides clear, helpful, succinct information about every fashion period from 1800 to 1990. 

The Victoria and Albert Museum
A truly amazing collection of fashion and design classics. Great to visit either in person or online.    

Costume Studio
Based in North London. A stupendous variety of period clothes for hire.

Royal Exchange Costume Hire
Based in Manchester. Beautifully-styled outfits worn in their shows which you can hire and wear yourself.

Online store specialising in handmade and/or vintage items hard to find anywhere else. But check sellers Terms and Conditions carefully before buying. Yes, we got stung!  

Vintage Dancer
More information about and links to where you can buy online clothes from all the eras mentioned in this fashion guide. (U.S. site.)


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