Actor Hire

Let Us Run It For You

Murder Mystery Butler

Would you like an experienced, professional actor to run your murder mystery party for you? Would you like us to put the whole thing together for you?

Both options are possible...

Our actors have been involved in running these games for more than 20 years and often have a hand in writing them, too. Most of them are based in London and the South of England but will travel, if you need help further afield.

If you book an actor (or actors) to run your event for you, you will still be asked to purchase a game online and do the preparation for the event. This involves printing off the game, making sure guests have invitations, and making sure they all have the right envelopes of information on the night itself (money, character notes, props, etc.). You then pay for the actor separately. For more on this, look at Best Value Option 2 on our sister site Murder Mystery and Mayhem to find out what can be done for you. You can email them at info[add @ here] or call them on 020 8842 1284.

If you’d rather we do everything for you – put the game together, run it for you, perhaps source a venue – we can do all this for you, too. Please go to Best Value Option 3 on Murder Mystery and Mayhem  for more on this.

By having an experienced actor running the event, you not only get to play the game fully yourself but can also trust that the game will be delivered “just right”.